Step 1 - Determine if you are conducting human subjects research

Step 2 - Complete CITI Training

Social/Behavioral researchers need to take - GRP 2 Social Behavioral Research for Investigators and key personnel, basic course.

Biomedical researchers need to take - GRP 1 Biomedical Research Investigators and key personnel.

These are the only two CITI courses we accept. CITI training is good for three years for the university and two years for the VAs.

Training FAQ

CITI Training Registration Guide

Step 3 - Apply

Complete all necessary application forms and templates.

Exempt Research - Use for research with no more than minimal risk to subjects. Excludes research with prisoners, and some exclusions for children, your own students or employees.

Expedited Research (medical/nonmedical application) - Use for research with no more than minimal risk to subjects. You will use when dealing with vulnerable populations (children, cognitively impaired, prisoners, Native American population, pregnant women, etc.)

These applications will be reviewed in the human subjects protection office.

Full Board Research - (medical/nonmedical application) = Use for research with more than minimal risk. This is determined by the IRB. They meet on the second Thursday of every month. Applications are due two weeks prior to the meetings.

Step 4 - Informed Consents

For exempt research, you can use the cover letter template or the consent statement template. For expedited research, you will use the nonmedical informed consent template or the medical informed consent template. They include signature lines. Research with children or cognitively impaired will need the nonmedical parental informed consent template and the assent for minors and cognitively impaired nonmedical template.

Informed Consents

Step 5 - Submission

Submit all materials to the Office of Human Subject Protection electronically. You can make a pdf of your signature page and fax or email it. You can also hand deliver the original signed copy to the office or send it via campus exchange mail. You will not get approval until your signature page is received. Attach all additional documents such as interview questions, advertisements, surveys etc...

Approval for exempt and expedited completed in the office can take one day to two weeks depending on the time of year. Approval for full board studies depends on when you submit them as the board only meets once per month. Incomplete documentation will delay approval.

For questions or information about the expedited process, contact the Office of Human Subjects Protection at 605-677-6184.