The South Dakota World Languages Association (SDWLA) invites you to the annual SDWLA conference, held October 20-21 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at O’Gorman High School. The conference is an opportunity to learn about the newest trends and advances in the profession and to become part of a South Dakota community of teachers who can share ideas and information.

The SDWLA conference is the only available professional development opportunity in the state of South Dakota specific to language-teaching. You will come away with a stronger knowledge of teaching practices, assessments, current trends and issues in the profession. We offer:

  • Breakout sessions, including 45-minute presentations and two-hour workshops provided by faculty from regional universities and other experienced teachers
  • Language-specific business meetings
  • Opportunities to network with other language professionals in the state
  • Continuing education credit for attending the conference

The conference schedule is designed so no one has to miss more than one day of class and we are offering a significant discount for first-time attendees.


Conference Dates: October 20-21
Location: O'Gorman High School, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Cost: $60

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