Adding Money to an Account

Using Coyote Card Online, students, faculty, staff, family and friends can add funds to the Coyote Card using our online deposit system. It is available 24/7 and accepts credit card payment methods. (Note: Family and friends must know the student's last name and campus ID number to make a deposit on their behalf using the Coyote Card Online Guest Access). Students can check balances and review transaction history using the Coyote Card Online.

Students can also add money to their accounts in person by visiting or contacting the Coyote Card Office, or via our Campus Value Transfer Stations -these are automated machines located around campus for a quick cash deposit to your Coyote Cash account.

Student Funds

Students that are required to have a meal plan may purchase Add-On Flex once they have exhausted their Meal Plan Flex dollars for the semester. Students that are not required to have a meal plan may purchase Add-On Flex dollars at any time.

  • A minimum of $10 in Add-On Flex must be purchased at one time.
  • Campus Dining will provide a 10% bonus to any Add-On Flex purchase of $100 or more.
  • Student funds will be used in the following drain order:
  1. Flex and Carry Over Flex
  2. Add-On Flex
  3. Bonus Flex
  4. Coyote Cash
  • Funds can be loaded in the Coyote Card office or through their online account. 

Unused Flex Dollars will be carried over from fall to spring semester only. Students wishing to add Add-On Flex online must first set up an account by contacting the Coyote Card office.

The following paperwork needs to be completed to obtain a refund:

You are responsible for protecting your Coyote Card ID and are liable for unauthorized purchases.

Change/Add/Cancel Meal Plan

If you wish to change, add or cancel your current meal plan, you may do so up to the specified add/drop date approximately two weeks after each semester begins. Please complete the located in the myUSD Portal to make any changes.