Leadership Development

Leadership Development & Programming

Providing students with hands-on experience and training to be better leaders, both on- and off-campus

Model of Leadership at USD

Leadership at USD follows the Social Change Model, employing these basic ideas:

  • Leadership is socially responsible, it impacts change on behalf of others.
  • Leadership is collaborative.
  • Leadership is a process, not a position.
  • Leadership is inclusive and accessible to all people.
  • Leadership is values-based.

Coyote Leaders: Inspire. Develop. Connect

The Leadership Seminar Series

We offer regular leadership development opportunities for students to gain a better understanding of how to lead in their organizations. We also offer sessions devoted to personal growth so our students can learn about themselves in relation to leadership. Topics of these sessions include budgets, fundraising, ethical decision making, transitioning officers, conflict resolution, etc. Students who complete all workshops offered in a given semester will be recognized for their achievement at the Annual President's Celebration of University Leadership.  Join us at our leadership seminar series.

Emerging Leaders Institute

The Emerging Leaders Institute, held in the spring semester, is an excellent learning experience for USD students who are eager to learn about leadership skills and plan to hold leadership positions in student organizations, or who are interested in becoming more involved in campus and community activities. Designed to provide opportunities for personal growth and leadership skill development, the institute includes a full agenda of small group activities, large group activities and interactive learning activities. The program is also designed to motivate our student leaders to initiate change in their community while creating a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork among our emerging leaders.

For more information or to apply for ELI email student.leadership@usd.edu

ELI Student Application

Leadership Recognition

The University of South Dakota has many ways to recognize our outstanding leadership. At the end of each year we host the Celebration of University Leadership where we recognize our students with awards for their achievements. We also recognize students monthly for their contributions to the USD and greater Vermillion community.

Leadership Opportunities

At the University of South Dakota we have many opportunities for students to lead. Students can join any of our more than 170 student organizations and even start their own if the existing organizations don't meet their needs. Organizations on our campus provide students with opportunities to learn about teamwork and personal development. We are committed to helping students achieve their personal goals, and getting involved is just one of the ways to do it.