Paw Points

Paw Points

How Does Paw Points Work?

  1. Attend Paw Points events.
  2. Swipe Coyote Card at events.
  3. Stay for the length of the event.
  4. Accumulate points throughout the semester and score some YOTE SWAG!
  5. Encourage friends and others to attend Paw Points events!

What is Paw Points?

Paw Points rewards the most involved students on campus for their attendance at university events. We will be giving away prizes at the end of each month, again at the end of each semester and again at the end of the year, to the Paw Point leaders.

Why Attend Paw Points Events?

Attending university events instills school spirit within the university, as well as promotes diversity and inclusiveness. By attending these Paw Points events students are encouraged to take better advantage of the opportunities available to them, as well as allows the university to connect better with students and collect valuable data to better serve the student body.