photo of sorority and fraternity member

Members of our Greek community are held to the highest standards and are campus leaders in scholarship, community service and leadership. In fact, in 2017, sorority and fraternity members averaged a higher GPA than their non-sorority or fraternity counterparts and volunteered more than 41,000 hours of community service.

To maintain these standards, the president of the university has developed the following initiatives, which each chapter is required to follow:

  • Alcohol: All fraternity chapters are common-area dry. Sororities are substance-free.
  • Hazing: There is a strict no-hazing policy. Hazing is detrimental to a positive college experience and is not tolerated in the Greek experience. Every chapter has risk management policies and procedures they are required to follow through their national organizations. USD also has additional policies each chapter is required to follow.
  • Initiation: First-semester freshmen are not allowed to initiate. Fraternities and sororities may initiate members only if new members have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Advisors: Chapters with housing facilities are required to have a live-in advisor or housemother. 
  • Meal Plans: Chapters must provide meal plans to all members in residence.
  • Billing: All chapters are required to use the university for the billing of member house payments and meals (dues and fees are optional).