Several policies and procedures have been developed to work toward the University Housing mission. It is important to read and understand the community policies and procedures in place for all students living on campus.


Contract Cancellation/Release

Students may be released from their housing contracts in specific, limited circumstances. Please visit Housing Exemptions or read your housing contract for more detailed information.

Check-In & Check-Out


If you would like to arrive early or late to your residence hall room, please contact University Housing as soon as possible. For early arrivals, University Housing staff need to ensure your room will be prepared, as well as the associated paperwork. For late arrivals, University Housing staff do not want to re-assign your room if you still intend to come to campus. Coordinating with University Housing in both situations will ensure a smooth check-in process.

Once you have a time set up with University Housing to check in to your residence hall room, then University Housing staff will ask you to check over your contact information on your residence hall data card. This card is used in case of emergencies. Once you have checked your information, staff will ask you to sign for your residence hall room key. By signing for this room key, you are taking possession of your room key as well as your residence hall room.

Next, University Housing staff will give you a copy of your Room Condition Checklist (RCC), which is a list of items in your room with an associated condition for each item upon your check in. You will have a certain period of time to look over your room and amend this document (usually around one week) before it becomes the permanent record for the room. We recommend you take time to immediately look over your room, amend the RCC, and return it to the residence hall staff.

Once you have signed for your key and reviewed/returned your RCC, you have completed the check-in process.


There are traditionally three periods when students check out of their residence hall room: end of the contract period (spring semester), end of the fall semester, and mid-term check out.

If you are checking out at the end of the contract period (which is at the conclusion of the spring semester), University Housing will communicate regularly with you about how to complete the check-out process. Generally, Resident Assistant staff have sign-up sheets for check out appointments beginning the week before finals week. The apartment buildings traditionally take check out appointments through their main office. University Housing will communicate with you in the month of April about the specific process for your building. All students - except those exempted by University Housing - must check out by the last day of final exams.

If you are checking out at the end of the fall semester because you have been released from your housing contract, you are required to complete a check out by the last day of final exams. Check outs are typically arranged on an individual basis with your floor Resident Assistant. If you need to check out later than the last day of finals, please work with University Housing to be granted an extension.

If you are checking out during the middle of a term, you should first complete a request for Housing Contract Release. Because your housing contract is for a full academic year, your housing charges will not be removed until you complete this process. For more information on how to complete this request, please visit Housing Exemptions. There, also, you will find a list of reasons University Housing will release a student from their housing contract. Once your request has been approved, University Housing will communicate with you the check-out process you should follow. 

In preparation for your check-out appointment with University Housing staff, you should:

  • Pack up and move out all your personal belongings. Be sure to check all drawers and closet areas.
  • Remove all trash from your room.
  • Clean and wipe down your room, including your floors, surfaces, mirrors, and windows. If you live in an apartment/suite, be sure all sinks, toilets, bathtubs/showers, and kitchen areas have been cleaned.
During your check out, University Housing staff will complete a Room Condition Checklist of your room and charge you for any damages found in your room or any excessive cleaning that will be needed. After this is complete, you will be able to sign back over your room key which officially completes your check out process.

Withdrawing from USD

If you are withdrawing from the University of South Dakota, contact the Registrar's Office in the Belbas Center to begin the withdrawal process. Once you have been to the Belbas Center, you may then begin the check-out procedure from the residence halls. For more information, we encourage you to contact us directly at University Housing. Students withdrawing from the University must check out of their room within 24 hours of officially withdrawing from the University.