If you plan to purchase a laptop for use while at USD, you can use the information on this page to guide your purchasing decision.

Factors to Consider:

    1. Some academic programs require their students to have a specific type of laptop
    2. Does the laptop meet the minimum computer requirements to connect to USD's network?
    3. Does the laptop qualify for one of the computer support options offered by USD?

A. Academic Program Laptops

The academic programs below require/recommend that you come to campus with a laptop or tablet purchased from their vendor link(s). A laptop or tablet purchased from below qualifies for USD's ultimate student computer support option and meets USD's computer requirements.

Graphic Arts Apple
Medical School Lenovo HP
Nursing Lenovo HP
Physician Assistant Lenovo HP
School of Education Apple

B. Computer Requirements

USD requires that computers meet a minimum set of requirements before they are able to connect to the USD network. The requirements cover both Windows and Mac computers.

C. Computer Support Options

USD provides several levels of computer support to students. You can check the student computer support options to see the three levels of support that are available.