High Quality Training with Measurable Results

The University of South Dakota's Division of Online and Off-Campus Education offers a variety of courses and programs that can be customized to meet your organizational needs. USD Online and Off-Campus Education works in partnership with business leaders to jointly develop and deliver customized educational learning opportunities to meet the needs of the organization's strategic goals.

USD's professional development partnerships include:

USD/LERN Master of Arts in Educational Administration - Adult & Higher Education

USD/Teach for America Master of Arts in Educational Administration - Pre-K-12 Principal

The Beacom Sampler

Beacom School of Business / Sioux Falls Falls District / Citibank - Academy of Finance

State Government Leadership Certificate


Archery Instructor and Coach Mentor Program

BankWest, Inc. Leadership Development Program

To arrange for custom training for your organizations, contact us today at 800-233-7937 or by e-mail at cde@usd.edu.