USD Course Requirements for M.A. in Educational Administration - Adult & Higher Education:

LERN AHED Master Degree Fact Sheet

Required Courses:

AHED 701: Adult-Learning Theory (3 credit hours)
Techniques of motivation, methodology, and evaluation in teaching adult classes and students.

AHED 710: Sociology and History of Adult Education (3 credit hours)
Basic agencies providing education for adults.  Technique and methodology applicable to teaching adult students.

AHED 720: Principles of Postsecondary Education (3 credit hours)
This course provides an overview of the postsecondary education system in the U.S.  It surveys the history, major features, and effects of this system.

AHED 752: College and University Administration (3 credit hours)
The support, governance, and administrative structure of institutions of higher education.

EDER 761: Research Methods in Education (3 credit hours)
This course is an introduction to the methods and skills important to becoming an informed consumer and producer of educational research, including principles of research design.  Both quantitative and qualitative research paradigms are addressed.

Elective Courses:

AHED 553: Organizational Transition Change Management (3 credit hours)
This course explores the personal side of change, the difference between change and transition, and basic change theory related to organizations.

AHED 730: Junior/Community College (3 credit hours)
An orientation to postsecondary education for students interested in working in a junior college.

AHED 735: Instructional Strategies for Adult Education (3 credit hours)
An intensive study of advanced concepts in the field of study that relate to the research, reflective processes, and applications needed by practitioners via technology.

AHED 740: Continuing Education (3 credit hours)
A study of the background, the development, and operation of continuing education programs.

AHED 750: Current Practices and Problems in Higher Education (3 credit hours)
Survey of problems in modern higher education for student contemplating college work as a career.

AHED 753: Financing Higher Education (3 credit hours)
An intensive study of the financial structure and fiscal operation of postsecondary educational institutions.

AHED 760: Organizational Development (3 credit hours)
This course acquaints students with major theoretical traditions in the field of organizational development and change.  Through writing and discussions, students will gain the reflective skills needed to make decisions based on theoretical, ethical, and professional knowledge.  This course provides students with the background they will need to be effective change consultants and organizational leaders.

AHED 765 Distributed Learning (3 credit hours)
This course explores the nature and increase of distance education initiatives in the U.S. and worldwide and examines their fundamental components.  It presents the distance education system and its components, student characteristics and progress, teaching and advising, technology and media, course design and development, and administrative services and policy.