Required Core Coursework (36 credit hours)

Course/No. Course Title Site Rotation
HSAD 770
Advanced Health Care Management (3 cr.)
Online Every Spring
HSC 733 Environmental Health (3 cr.)
Online TBA
HSC 760
Program Evaluation (3 cr.)
Online TBA
OCTH 733 Promotion of Health and Prevention of Disability (3-4 cr.)
Online Every Spring
PUBH 701 Biostatistics for Public Health (3 cr.) Online Every Fall, Spring
PUBH 710
Epidemiology (3 cr.)
Online Every Fall, Spring
PUBH 720
Public Health Practice (3 cr.)
Online TBA
PUBH 730
Public Health Project (6 cr.)
Online Every Semester
PUBH 740
Rural Health Policy and Education (3 cr.)
Online Every Fall
PUBH 750
Social and Behavioral Science in Public Health (3 cr.)
Online Every Fall
SPCM 540
Health Communication (3 cr.)
Online Every Summer

Supporting Area Coursework (6 credit hours)

Course/No. Course Title
Site Rotation
ADS 754
Public Policy and Addiction (3 cr.)
Online Fall Even Years
CPHD 601
Introduction to Bioinformatics (3 cr.)
Online TBA
CPHD 610
Experimental Design and Analysis (3 cr.)
Online TBA
EDER 860
Advanced Statistics I (3 cr.)
Online TBA
EDER 861
Advanced Statistics II (3 cr.)
Online TBA
HSAD 710
Advanced Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations (3 cr.)
Online Every Fall
HSAD 740
Advanced Health Care Systems (3 cr.)
Online Every Fall
HSC 575
Process and Outcomes Evaluation (3 cr.)
Online Every Spring
PSYC 514
Drugs and Behavior (3 cr.)
Online TBA
PSYC 778
Survey Research Models (3 cr.)
Online TBA
Public Health and Native American Communities (3 cr.)
Online TBA
SOC 510
Methods of Social Research (3 cr.)
Online TBA
SOCW 640
Diversity and Social Justice in Rural and Urban Communities (3 cr.)
Online TBA

Master of Public Health Program Total: 42 Credit Hours