RN to BSN Program Total: 120 credit hours

General Education Requirements

Course Course Title
Site Rotation
ENGL 101
Composition I (3 cr.)
Online Every Semester
SPCM 101
Fundamentals of Speech (3 cr.)
Online Every Semester
Humanities/Fine Arts
Refer to catalog for a list of acceptable courses
Online Every Semester
ENGL 210
Introduction to Literature (3 cr.)
Online TBA
Aesthetic Experience/
Fine Arts Course
Refer to catalog for a list of acceptable courses. (3 cr.)
Students cannot use the same course to fulfill Humanities/Fine Arts and Aesthetic Experience.
Online Every Semester
PSYC 101
General Psychology (3 cr.)
Every Semester
MATH 102
College Algebra (3 cr.)
Online Every Semester
CHEM 106/106L
Chemistry Survey with Lab (4 cr.)
Every Semester
MICR 230
Basic Microbiology (3 cr.)
Online Every Semester
PHGY 220/220L
Anatomy/Physiology I with Lab (4 cr.)
Online Every Semester
PHGY 230/230L
Anatomy/Physiology II with Lab (4 cr.)
Online Every Semester
ENGL 201
Composition II (3 cr.) - Nursing will also accept ENGL 283: Creative Writing or
ENGL 205: Business Writing
Online Every  Semester
Social Science
SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology or SOC 150: Social Problems
Refer to catalog for a list of other acceptable courses. (3 cr.)
Online Every Semester
PHIL 320
Professional Ethics (3 cr.)
Online Every Fall, Spring
STAT 281
Introduction to Statistics (3 cr.)
Every Semester
Elective Credits (10 cr.)
*3 credits must be an approved Writing Intensive course
*2 credits must be 300 level or above
Online Every Semester
AS Nursing Courses and
RN Licensure
Graduation from NLNAC accredited Nursing Program required.  (35 cr.)

* Minimum of 30 credit hours must be taken from USD.
* Maximum of 90 transfer credit hours may be applied to the degree

Nursing Core Requirements

 Course Course Title
NURS 342
Information Management and Technology Application (3 cr.)
NURS 350
Research and Evidence Based Practice (3 cr.)
NURS 362
Leadership and Professionalism (4 cr.)
NURS 382
Nursing Practice in a Global Society (3 cr.) * Globalization requirement
NURS 450
Baccalaureate Nursing Roles Synthesis (2 theory/2 clinical credits)
NURS 476
Optimizing Health of Populations (2 theory/1 clinical credit)
NURS 485
Designer, Coordinator & Manager of Core Capstone Practicum (2 theory/2 clinical credits)
NURS 487
Health Care Policy, Finance & Regulatory Environment (3 cr.)

Online RN-BSN Program Total: 120 Credit Hours