The Testing Center at the University of South Dakota administers Language Testing International (LTI) written and oral examinations to current USD students. LTI is exclusively licensed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) LTI testing provides students the opportunity to receive college credit for select language courses by earning satisfactory scores on LTI exams. These examinations are intended to assist students who have some knowledge of a language other than English but do not have transferrable college credit to document their knowledge.

The exams, which test your skills on the coursework for which you would like to gain credit, are computer-based and telephone-based where applicable. The following exams are offered:

Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer (OPIc):
The OPIc is a 20-40 minute interview-like, computer based assessment. The exam is designed to elicit a sample of speech via recorded, computer-adapted voice prompts customized to the individual test taker.

Internet Writing Proficiency Test (iWPT®):
The iWPT is an 80 minute standardized exam for the global assessment of functional writing ability in a language. The exam measures how well a person spontaneously writes in a language (without access to dictionaries or grammar references). The exam consists of four requests for written responses that deal with practical, social, and professional topics encountered in informal and formal contexts.

USD Policies Regarding LTI Examination:

  • You may take an LTI exam only if you have graduated from high school or successfully completed the GED examination.
  • USD credit will be given only to students who have adequate scores on both written and oral exams in the same language. In other words, students must have adequate scores on the OPIc and the iWPT in order to earn USD credit.
  • LTI exams are given by appointment. You must make an appointment with the Testing Center to take an exam. Exams must be scheduled 72 hours in advance of the testing date. Available hours are Monday - Wednesday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Payment must be made to USD. The cost of thsi exam is $175. Please pay by cash or check. If paying in cash, please provide exact change. Checks may be made to USD.
  • You must provide a picture I.D. (driver's license, student I.D., etc.) at the time of testing.
  • For more information regarding LTI testing, you may visit:
  • USD LTI policies, prices, and score requirements are subject to change.

If you have questions regarding LTI testing or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact the Testing Center at 605-658-6143 or by e-mail at