Professional Training

As an economics major, we will train you to be successful in many professions.

Business leaders from all industries use economics to weigh the costs and benefits of a particular course of action. 

The economics program brings to the classroom a wealth of teaching expertise and knowledge in the field based on professional experience. Our faculty members are business experts, innovative teachers and dedicated mentors who instruct students on business methods and then apply their teaching through school-sponsored, student-run organizations.

The skills developed in the study of economics are invaluable in law, industry, finance, government, education and other areas of business and civic life.

News in Brief

  • Academic Credit Internship

    David Carr, P.h.D., Professor of Economics, speaks about the opportunities available for students seeking internships for academic credit at the University of South Dakota.

  • Business Connections

    Business Connections strives to inform readers of business trends, school initiatives, student activities and alumni updates.

  • ECON Students: If you're seeking ANY information about an INTERNSHIP FOR COURSE CREDIT, send an email to Prof. Carr to arrange for an appointment!

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