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Prairie Family Business Association
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Helping family businesses thrive through generations

Local, family owned businesses are the backbone of communities. Since 1992 Prairie Family Business has been providing family businesses with the tools to grow, engage, transition, and prosper through high quality education, networking, and collaboration.

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By providing over 200 members across 13 states with resources and staff, Prairie Family Business Association helps build a strong network and spark new opportunities for family owned businesses.

Leadership Team

Get to know the team at Prairie Family Business Association. Our members are experts in their field, contributing knowledge in network building, program development and other family business support.
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Peter Hauck

Assistant Director PFB

What We Offer

Prairie Family Business Association provides a resource network for family business success to help family businesses thrive through generations.

We offer a variety of events both online and in-person that allow you to interact with family business experts and hear others' success stories. These events include:

  • Webinars: Interactive presentations from family business experts and family business success stories.
  • Affinity Peer Groups: Facilitated peer groups that allow members to share experiences, learn from each other and seek advice on confidential issues and opportunities.
  • Live Case Studies: Receive a fresh look at your family business from a team of professional advisors.

Building a community of family businesses is key to a successful future. We help to foster these connections through events such as:

  • Conferences: Our conferences are premier educational and networking events in the region featuring national and local presenters.
  • Retreats: Spend two days with a national consultant and small group of other business-owning families and work on your business.
  • Professional Advisor Study Groups: Meet with other professional advisors to discuss live case studies.

We strive to provide spaces for family businesses to strengthen their connections within their team and recognize and honor those who excel.

  • Board Bootcamp: A program for families operating with a board or families who have an interest in forming one.
  • Awards: Annual awards recognize local family businesses who have been committed to excellence throughout multiple generations.
  • Next Gen Programming: A unique program designed to help the next generation of leaders in your family business.
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An outreach center of the USD Beacom School of Business

At the Beacom School of Business, fulfilling the mission of strengthening and leveraging relationships with businesses, governments and communities is paramount. That work is accomplished in part through economic development outreach centers. Prairie Family Business Association and other outreach centers use the resources of the USD Beacom School of Business combined with external support networks to provide comprehensive services for small businesses throughout the state and Midwest region.

Family Business Member

The Prairie Family Business Association has been an important organization in helping us successfully transition our family business from the 1st to the 3rd generation. The organization and its members are the best! We continue to see solid value in our membership and the activities we participate in.

Jay Bender

Falcon Plastics, Inc.