Humanities & Culture Research

Explore research in the areas of humanities and culture, guided by expert faculty, to develop  critical thinking and contribute to societal discourse for positive change.

The University of South Dakota prioritizes research in humanities and culture, fostering exploration of diverse human experiences and the analysis of cultural dynamics. Faculty expertise nurtures research excellence, promoting knowledge, empathy and social awareness. This research equips individuals with skills to contribute to positive change in communities and beyond, encompassing human societies, history, languages and artistic expressions.

Making an Impact

With expert faculty, incredible research opportunities and strong regional partnerships, USD's research centers foster academic excellence and spur economic growth.

Departments & Facilities

Explore the offices, facilities and centers that contribute to research in the areas of humanities and culture.
Students and visitors admiring art in the University Art Galleries.

University Art Galleries

Consisting of three galleries, The University Art Galleries aim to educate the community and university.

Students looking at something in a hallway.

Research Opportunities

Find out more about the variety of research opportunities and resources available to students, faculty and staff.


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