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Accelerated Programs

Save time and money while gaining early career advantages by streamlining undergraduate and graduate coursework at USD, the leader in graduate education.

Discover the benefits of our accelerated and advanced track programs—a practical approach to education that saves you time and money while setting you apart in the job market. These programs streamline your path to a graduate or professional degree, offering financial efficiency and early entry into the workforce. Choose efficiency and strategic advantage as you expedite your academic and professional success with our accelerated and advanced track options.

Find out what USD has to offer with accelerated and advanced track programs

Accelerated vs. Advanced Track

Discover the differences and advantages of our accelerated and advanced track programs.
Accelerated programs allow you to count courses toward both your undergraduate and graduate or professional degrees. Our Accelerated Programs offer a range of advantages, from cost savings by counting courses toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees to early exposure to the workforce and the opportunity to strengthen academic connections. With a focus on increasing lifelong earning potential and providing advanced knowledge, these programs enable you to save time and seamlessly transition to higher degrees. In addition, eligibility for graduate assistantships adds financial support to your academic pursuits.

Advantages of Accelerated Graduate Programs

  1. Cost Efficiency. Maximize your educational investment by counting graduate courses for both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. This innovative approach allows you to save money on tuition and fees, giving you a head start on your career without breaking the bank.
  2. Time-Saving Advantages. Efficiently complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree, potentially up to a year earlier than pursuing them separately. Accelerated programs streamline your educational experience, saving you time without compromising on the quality of your education.
  3. Strengthened Academic Relationships. Forge lasting connections with faculty members from your undergraduate courses, creating a network of support and mentorship that extends into your graduate studies. This collaborative environment ensures a seamless transition between academic levels.
  4. Lifetime Earning Potential. Invest in your future by accelerating your learning journey. With an advanced skill set and a graduate degree in hand, you open doors to higher earning potential over your career. The return on investment is not just immediate but also enduring.
  5. Eligibility for Graduate Assistantships. As a student admitted to our accelerated graduate programs, you gain eligibility to apply for graduate assistantships, providing valuable financial support while pursuing your advanced studies.
  6. Smooth Transition Between Degrees. Our accelerated programs allow for an easy transition between your undergraduate degree and your graduate degree. You'll save time on the admissions process, and you may be able to avoid certain requirements like taking standardized tests.
  7. Early Professional Exposure. Accelerate your entry into the workforce and enhance your marketability. By completing graduate courses sooner, you gain valuable work experiences ahead of your peers who follow a more traditional path to graduate school, positioning yourself as a competitive candidate in the job market.

Our Advanced Track Programs provide a cost-effective and streamlined learning experience, allowing you to skip prerequisite courses, enter the workforce early and boost your earning potential throughout your career. 

Advantages of Advanced Track Graduate Programs

  1. Cost-Effective Learning. Skip additional prerequisite and foundation courses, saving money and reducing expenses towards tuition and fees. Our advanced track programs are designed to streamline your educational path, focusing on the essentials needed for success.
  2. Early Entry into the Workforce. Fast-track your career by starting a graduate program at an advanced level. With fewer courses required to complete your degree, you enter the workforce earlier, gaining a competitive advantage in your chosen field.
  3. Lifetime Earning Potential. Similar to accelerated programs, advanced track graduate programs position you for long-term success by increasing your earning potential over the course of your career. Invest wisely in your education and reap the rewards throughout your professional journey.


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