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USD In The News

  • National Music Museum celebrates 50 years

  • Mindfill: How 2 USD grads found passion in sustainability by opening an online store

  • USD will have a study published soon on winter conditions and the effects on pheasants

  • South Dakota Legislature considers removing bar exam for lawyers: Dean Neil Fulton weighs in

  • USD to host utopia/dystopia symposium

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Guest Column

USD has done a great job of recognizing that higher education is changing, and they provide internship programs and job training opportunities that help students adapt to a changing workplace. The faculty at USD are top notch, and they put focus on providing students with the qualities they will need when they graduate.
A photo of Scott Lawrence holding up his College of Fine Arts Hall of Fame trophy. He is posing for a photo with Charlie Coyote.

A Conversation with the Leader of the Band: Scott Lawrence

USD alumnus Scott Lawrence has had a rather unique journey from high school band director to president and CEO of one of the region’s most successful advertising agencies.