A collaboration between the Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation (IMSI) and the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne, the two-day conference is aimed at undergraduate students interested in the mathematical sciences and intends to broaden students’ access to and knowledge of career opportunities in this field.  

Oleksandra Lukina stands against a dark gray background and smiles for a photo with her arms crossed.Lukina, a rising senior double majoring in physics and mathematics, said she is interested in interdisciplinary research and hopes to learn more about the opportunities available to her.

“I have been studying and enjoying math for most of my life, but I only picked up my math major last semester. The workshop at Argonne will be a great introduction to research in mathematics for me,” said Lukina. “I am looking forward to learning more about the opportunities at the intersection of physics and math as well as meeting professionals in the field of mathematics and data science research.”

Olivia Roberts smiles wide and lifts her arms to the sides with excitement. She is outside with a clay and sandy canyon background.Roberts, also a rising senior, is majoring in mathematics and minoring in music and said she is excited to explore potential career paths at the conference.  

“I enjoyed pursuing mathematics research this summer with the UDiscover program, so I am looking forward to learning about research careers at the Argonne laboratory,” said Roberts. “This workshop will also provide useful information about mathematics careers in general that I can keep in mind as I begin to apply to graduate degree programs this semester.”

At the conference, Lukina and Roberts will engage in sessions on topics such as climate and sustainability, data and information, quantum computing and information, and uncertainty quantification. They will also tour Argonne facilities and have the opportunity to network with researchers at Argonne.

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