Diversability is an award-winning community business whose mission is to amplify the voices of individuals with disabilities and democratize disability visibility, representation and access. For the past three years, Diversability has developed its D-30 Disability Impact List, which honors the unique accomplishments of 30 people with disabilities that are the most impactful community members globally. This year, Diversability received almost 250 nominations from leaders with disabilities globally for the honorees.

The D-30 Disability Impact List 2022 Honoree Kendra Gottsleben, United States

Gottsleben, the marketing communications specialist for the Center for Disabilities, is a lifelong advocate and educator for rare diseases and disabilities, and she is involved on numerous local, state and national boards and committees. She is an author and speaker and has received prestigious accolades, including the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Individual with a Disability in 2020. Gottsleben’s leadership, drive and passion are making a much-needed, significant and progressive mark on the Midwest.

“I feel incredibly blessed to have made the 2022 D-30 Disability Impact List,” says Gottsleben. “The changemakers and advocates on this global list are remarkable, and to be counted among them is an exceptional honor. I’m thankful to all who have supported my work in the disability and rare disease community.”

Gottsleben started her own non-profit, Rare by Design, which is dedicated to raising awareness of inclusion and proper representation as well as being a resource for individuals with rare diseases and disabilities. This year, she launched an inaugural fundraiser of a fully-inclusive fashion show, representative of true diversity from a tangible, local perspective, the first event of its kind in Sioux Falls.

The Center for Disabilities is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families across the state of South Dakota, the region and nationally.

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