The Sanford Chamberlain Medical Center provides health care services to Brule, Buffalo and Lyman Counties, offering emergency, family and sports medicine, general surgery, OB/GYN, nephrology and podiatry.

Janet Fulk, assistant director of the FARM program, is confident that this addition will spur a long relationship between the Chamberlain community and the medical school.

“Sanford Chamberlain’s facilities and physicians make the location a good addition to the program,” she explained. “Our FARM students will benefit from the proximity to the interstate and diverse patient population, along with accessibility to a wide variety of clinical experiences.”

Chamberlain is the eighth FARM site since the innovative SSOM program originated. The Pierre FARM site recently expanded to accommodate three students, bringing the total number of SSOM students across all FARM sites to 13.

The FARM program was created as part of Former Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s SD WINS program when medical school class size expansion was approved in 2012. The FARM program started with six students at five sites in 2014. As the FARM program has become well-established, there has been more interest from communities and students, resulting in the addition of more sites.

A headshot of Emily Dorn. Sanford Chamberlain administration and the community have been getting the site prepared to host their first student, Emily Dorn, from the Class of 2026, who will arrive in February 2024.

“I look forward to being as hands-on as I can be,” said Dorn, originally from Dell Rapids. “I enjoy interacting with patients and the health care team, and I cannot wait to be a part of it. I also always knew I wanted to return to a similar-sized town for my clerkship as the one I grew up in.”

Dorn had been exposed to the program prior to medical school, as her aunt, Dr. Anora Henderson, administers the site in Winner and her cousin, Katie Dorn, was a FARM student in Spearfish.

“FARM appealed to me because I am able to personalize my experience,” Dorn explained. “I am eager for the chance to contribute to the program and play a role in shaping the learning environment for future classes.”

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