This esteemed fellowship is bestowed upon a mere 25% of applicants and recognizes exceptional individuals committed to groundbreaking research in their respective fields. Under the mentorship of Yifan Li, Ph.D., professor of basic biomedical sciences, Aby will continue her work in skeletal muscle physiology, driving advancements in this critical area of study.

Throughout her graduate career, Aby has demonstrated success and commitment to scientific excellence. With three published manuscripts in reputable journals, she has already made significant contributions to the academic community. Aby was also selected as one of five speakers at the American Physiology Summit 2023, where she presented on hypoxia and ischemic reperfusion.

In addition to her academic achievements, Aby has been an instrumental part of various leadership and outreach activities. As a peer mentor for the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research in Addiction (SPURA), she has provided guidance and support to other students and has also served in multiple leadership roles in the Basic Biomedical Graduate Student Organization and the Health Affairs and Medical Informatics Committee.

Demonstrating her commitment to social responsibility and community involvement, Aby has volunteered at Yankton Food for Thought and various other organizations in the surrounding area.

Aby is involved with the USD Graduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (USD-GRISE), a doctoral training program in the Division of Basic Biomedical Sciences. Funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), USD G-RISE is committed to supporting students in STEM fields, particularly those from rural areas and first-generation households, to pursue graduate degrees and transition seamlessly into the biomedical workforce.

“The USD G-RISE program extends hearty congratulations to Katherine Aby for her well-deserved recognition and success,” said Lisa McFadden, Ph.D., associate professor of basic biomedical sciences and member of the G-RISE Center administrative team. “We are honored to help provide support through professional development opportunities, internships, and research-intensive training, ensuring that talented individuals like Katherine receive the necessary resources to excel in their scientific endeavors.”

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