Carissa Regnerus, associate professor of dental hygiene and lead director of the Delta Dental Oral Health Clinic, and Caitlyn Lint, assistant professor of practice, are responsible for obtaining the grant in the amount of $6,144 for the purchase of a digital dental radiography sensor. The sensor will be used by all 68 of USD’s junior and senior dental hygiene students.

As juniors, students become familiar with this technology during clinical labs exposing intraoral images on dental X-ray manikins. When competency is met on the manikins, students then utilize this technology on real patients at the Delta Dental Oral Health Center on USD’s campus.

“The use of digital radiography allows images to be seen within seconds on a computer monitor, where they can be enlarged and enhanced,” explained Regnerus. “This makes digital radiography a very effective teaching tool for students, as feedback is immediate, and it also enables students to provide ample oral health education to their patients. Most of the radiography in dental offices is digital, and so it is important to for our students to become skilled in utilizing digital sensors.”
The grant funding is through the USD Health Affairs Medical Informatics Committee (HAMIC).

“While we introduced the concept of digital sensors to our students a number of years ago, the need for an additional sensor arose as our enrollment and frequency of use increased and will continue to do so,” Regnerus said.

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