A recent interprofessional exercise in the simulation center involved students from physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing and medical laboratory science working together to address and respond to a sudden change in health status.

A goal of this simulation and other interprofessional simulation exercises is to allow students to apply the knowledge and skills they learn within their own programs while learning about other disciplines.

According to Adam Ladwig, Ph.D., DPT, assistant professor of physical therapy, these experiences “improve interdisciplinary communication, which better prepare students for the dynamic interaction required of effective health care teams in the real working world.”

“This type of experience,” Ladwig added, “is the closest we can get to an actual patient experience while maintaining complete safety and supervision under the watchful eyes of faculty. At times, the students might be initially uncomfortable in these simulation experiences, but they finish with more confidence and a better understanding of the importance of working together to achieve optimal outcomes.”

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