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Allen Madison

Allen Madison



School of Law 213

Phone: (605) 658-3519




Allen Madison cultivates understanding in the area of federal tax law and enforcement at the University of South Dakota School of Law. Prior to academia, Professor Madison represented or advised participants on all sides of federal tax disputes—litigating against the IRS, serving in the IRS Chief Counsel Office, and clerking for a United States Tax Court Judge. Through these experiences, Professor Madison has realized the great fortune of living in a country where a taxpayer with a legitimate tax dispute may challenge the government without fear of reprisal. Professor Madison's teaching and research examine the engagement between the government and its people in the context of taxation.

Teaching Interests:

Federal tax law and enforcement.

Research Interests:

Tax history, tax theory, tax policy, tax psychology, statutory interpretation, logic, and tax procedure.


  • LLM, Taxation and Securities Regulation, Georgetown University Law Center, 1998
  • JD, Law, Hofstra University School of Law, 1994
  • MBA, Business, Michigan State University Broad Graduate School of Management, 1992
  • BA, Psychology, Michigan State University College of Social Science, 1989
  • BA, Marketing, Michigan State University Collge of Business, 1989


  • Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, United States Internal Revenue Service. Grant Role: Principal. (2015 - 2015)


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Awards and Honors:

  • Fellow, American College of Tax Counsel, 2014


  • Lombardi, Paul, Madison, Allen. Blurred Justice. Presented at the College Music Society Great Plains Chapter, Waverly, IA. (March 18, 2018)