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Arun Singh

Arun Singh

Assistant Professor


Lee Medicine & Science Hall 146

Phone: (605) 658-6320




Dr. Arun Singh is an Assistant Professor in the division of BBS. He earned his Ph.D. from LMU, Munich. He completed postdoc at Emory University and worked at the University of Iowa as a staff scientist. <b>***</b><b>Currently, Singh Lab is </b><b>Looking for graduate students and research assistants! </b><b>Please email Dr. Singh if you are interested in pursuing graduate studies.***</b>

Teaching Interests:

Clinical Neurosciences, Movement Disorders, Cognitive Disorders

Research Interests:

The primary research goals of the Singh Lab are directed towards understanding the oscillatory nature of fronto-cortical region and associated network that may underlie motor and cognitive impairments in Parkinson's disease (PD) using EEG and non-invasive neuromodulation (TMS/tES) methods. Our lab studies the relationship between motor and cognitive networks in PD patients and how cognitive impairments affect the gait and balance. Our previous articles have already shed some light on the basic questions related to the gait and balance problems in PD patients.<br>The objectives of our lab projects are (1) to determine the role of cortical, subcortical, and associated network-related oscillatory activities during lower-limb movements (pedaling, gait/walking) in PD patients; (2) to determine neural correlates during dual-task (lower-limb movement with the cognitive task) in PD patients with and without freezing of gait; (3) to investigate the effects of open- and advanced closed-loop neuromodulation approaches on lower-limb pedaling, gait, balance, and cognition in PD patients. To perform experiments, our lab is equipped with EEG brain recordings system, a treadmill machine with sensors to record gait and balance parameters, APDM device to record real-world gait pattern and balance, and the unweighting system to prevent participant's fall. For neuromodulation experiments, we have TMS and tES machines.


  • Postdoctoral, Neuroscience, Emory University, 2016
  • Ph D, Neuroscience, Ludwig Maximilian University, 2011
  • MS, Biotechnology, Devi Ahilya University, 2006
  • BS, Biology, Bundelkhand University, 2002


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Awards and Honors:

  • Travel award, Movement Disorder Society, 2018
  • Travel award, MONA2, University of Pittsburgh, 2016
  • Travel award, World Parkinson Congress, 2016
  • Travel award, World Parkinson Congress, 2013
  • Best publication award, LMU, Munich, 2011
  • Travel award, EFNS, 2011
  • Travel award, Movement Disorder Society, 2011
  • Travel award, World Federation of Neurology, 2009
  • DFG Research Fellowship, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, 2008
  • Junior Research Fellowship, DST, India, 2006
  • Postgraduate Fellowship, DBT, India, 2004