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Paola Vermeer

Paola Vermeer

Assistant Professor


Research Interests:

The Vermeer lab is focused on identifying signaling pathways that initiate and/or contribute to epithelial tumor formation and progression. Metastatic disease continues to be the major cause of cancer associated death. To date, effective treatments for metastatic disease do not exist because very little regarding the metastatic process is clearly defined. Thus, the Vermeer lab focuses on defining molecular pathways of metastasis and identifying targets to block disease progression and improve survival. The laboratory utilizes a number of different approaches including molecular biology, protein biochemistry, flow cytometry, confocal imaging, and immunohistochemistry. All hypotheses are ultimately tested using in vivo animal models and validated with human samples. The ultimate goals of the lab are to bring new therapies to clinical trial and improve patient survival.


  • Ph D, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1998