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Pasquale Manzerra

Pasquale Manzerra

Assistant Dean, Medical Student Affairs


Lee Medicine & Science Hall 246

Phone: (605) 658-6344


Teaching Interests:

1) Medical Biochemistry and Genetics 2) Undergraduate Biochemistry

Research Interests:

1) Medical Education 2) Biochemistry Education 3) Neuronal Injury- Stroke, TBI and PTSD


  • Ph D, Department of Zoology, University of Toronto, 1997
  • BS, Division of Life Sciences, University of Toronto, 1989


  • Neural Mechanisms Linking Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Anxiety States in an Animal Model, Department of Defense Concept Award PT090761. Grant Role: Co-Principal. (2010 - 2012)
  • Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Stress Sensitivity in an Animal Model, South Dakota Board of Regents Competitive Research Grant Program. Grant Role: Co-Principal. (2009 - 2010)
  • The Role of SynGAP in the Modulation of Traumatic Neuronal Injury In Vitro", South Dakota Spinal Cord/Traumatic Brain Injury Research Grant. Grant Role: Principal. (2008 - 2009)
  • Role of SynGAP in regulating NMDA receptor-mediated neuronal excitotoxicity, COBRE Pilot Grant. Grant Role: Principal. (2008 - 2009)
  • Subproject B, "Synaptic Localization of NMDA Receptor Subunits in a PCP Model of Schizophrenia., COBRE. Grant Role: Supporting. (2005 - 2010)


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Awards and Honors:

  • Basic Science Faculty Award, USD Medical Students Association, 2015
  • Class of 1958 Basic Science Faculty Award, SSOM Alumni Relations Council, 2014
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Province of Ontario, Canada, 1993
  • University of Toronto Open Fellowship, University of Toronto, 1992
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Province of Ontario, Canada, 1991
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Province of Ontario, Canada, 1990
  • University of Toronto Open Fellowship, University of Toronto, 1989


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  • Manzerra, Pasquale. Integrating Biochemistry into a multi-disciplined course: Do students get lost in translation.. Presented at the The 5th International Association of Biochemistry Educators Conference, Santa Fe. (May 4, 2015)
  • Bird, Daniel, Das, Manas, Eyster, Kathleen, Inglis, Stuart, Kost, Curtis, Manzerra, Pasquale, Martin, Douglas, Percy, William, Schlenker, Evelyn, Waller, Steve. Rethinking Remediation: Raising expectations to cast a wider net.. Presented at the CGEA 2015 Spring Meeting. (April 2015)
  • Olson, D. M., Meyer, D. L., Scholl, J. L., Watt, Michael, Manzerra, Pasquale, Renner, Kenneth, Forster, Gina. Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychosocial Stress on Limbic Monoamines and Anxiety-like Behaviors.. Presented at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting, New Orleans, LA. (October 2012)
  • Meyer, D. L., Davies, D., Barr, J. L., Manzerra, Pasquale, Forster, G. L.. Neuronal loss within the limbic system in a rat model of closed mild traumatic brain injury. Presented at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting, San Diego, CA. (November 2010)
  • Manzerra, Pasquale. Synaptic Ras GTPase activating protein (SynGAP) regulates N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR)-mediated excitotoxicity via P38 MAPK activation.. Presented at the Research Frontiers in Brain Functioning and Disorders. , Ponca, NE. (September 25, 2009)