Saige Kelmelis

Assistant Professor



Phone: (605) 677-5402


Teaching Interests:

Introduction to Physical Anthropology (ANTH 220), Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (ANTH 310), Human and Animal Osteology (ANTH/CJUS 435)

Research Interests:

Biological anthropology; forensic anthropology; bioarchaeology; paleodemography; paleoepidemiology; paleopathology; zooarchaeology; anthropology of death and disease; urbanization and health; mortuary archaeology


  • Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant in Biological Anthropology: City living and biological frailty, National Science Foundation. Grant Role: Co-Principal. (2018 - 2019)
  • Modeling variation in well-being in urban and rural skeletal samples from medieval Denmark, Wenner-Gren Foundation. Grant Role: Principal. (2017 - 2019)


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