Sara Lampert

Sara Lampert

Coordinator, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies / Assistant Professor


East Hall

Phone: (605) 677-5218




Dr. Lampert received her PhD and MA from the University of Michigan and her BA from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Teaching Interests:

Dr. Lampert teaches courses in U.S. history on colonial America, the early republic, women, gender & sexuality, popular culture, slavery, and religion. She also teaches the introductory course for the Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies minor.

Research Interests:

Dr. Lampert is working on her manuscript, Wild to See Her: Female Celebrity and the Transformation of American Theater and Culture, 1790-1850. She has published research on female platform performance in the mid-19th century and on the career of African-American singer Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield. Her broader interests include 19th-century women's and gender history, celebrity studies, cultural history, and history of sexuality.


  • Ph D, American History, The University of Michigan, 2012
  • MA, American History, The University of Michigan, 2007
  • BA, History and Art History , Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, 2004


  • Funding to assist with the University of South Dakota Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Conference, South Dakota Humanities Council Grant. Grant Role: Co-Principal. (2016)
  • A&S Faculty Summer Research Funds, College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Travel Grant, College of Arts & Sciences, University of South Dakota.


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Awards and Honors:

  • Mosaic Award for Inclusive Excellence, Center for Diversity & Community, University of South Dakota, 2017
  • Champion of Inclusive Excellence Award, President's Council on Diversity & Inclusiveness, University of South Dakota, 2016
  • Nominee, Mosaic Award for Inclusive Excellence, Center for Diversity & Community, University of South Dakota, 2016
  • Nominee, Belbas-Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of South Dakota, 2016
  • Nominee, Belbas-Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of South Dakota, 2015


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