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Steve Waller

Associate Dean, Basic Sciences

Teaching Interests:

Medical pharmacology and PA pharmaoclogy.

Research Interests:

Educational Research


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  • Waller, Steve, and Forster, Gina. Overiview of tobacco cessation., 51-56. Iss. Secial Issue. South Dakota Journal of Medicine, 2009.

Awards and Honors:

  • 1958 Basic Biomedical Sciences Faculty Award, SSoM Class of 1958, 2015
  • Outstanding Basic Sciences Teaching Faculty, Class of 2017, 2014


  • Bird, Daniel, Das, Manas, Eyster, Kathleen, Inglis, Stuart, Kost, Curtis, Manzerra, Pasquale, Martin, Douglas, Percy, William, Schlenker, Evelyn, Waller, Steve. Rethinking Remediation: Raising expectations to cast a wider net.. Presented at the CGEA 2015 Spring Meeting. (April 2015)