Designed with working professionals in mind, each certificate includes three to four courses and is delivered entirely online. Individuals with an undergraduate degree can apply credits toward a master’s degree. Those with a master’s degree will earn an additional specialization.

The Business Analytics Certificate spans the full cycle of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to optimize business processes in manufacturing, customer relationship management, and supply chain management. Graduates will lead organizations to achieve operational efficiency, anticipate trends in the marketplace, and strengthen their competitive position.

The Operations and Supply Chain Management Certificate provides an in-depth study of network relationship integration, quality and process improvement methods, and project management. Operations and Supply Chain Management prepares graduates to apply the science of getting things done, to the practice of managing logistics, sourcing, quality, scheduling and production.

The Marketing Certificate includes the entire product development process from conception through rapid prototyping, forecasting demand, production and launch. It explores how to use data to identify high value and/or high-risk customers, products, and processes. Graduates can fill a variety of roles in helping a firm develop and market their products and services.

"As the flagship business school in the state, we are committed to providing opportunities to working professionals and senior executives to help their businesses achieve higher productivity and enhance their competitiveness. Graduate certificate programs are a way to recognize that knowledge continues to evolve,” said Venky Venkatachalam, dean of the Beacom School of Business.

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