Printz will begin his career with the JAG Corps after he passes the Bar Exam, which he plans to take in July, and after he commissions as an officer. The JAG Corps program is extremely competitive, especially in the Air Force, with an acceptance rate of four percent.

“I am absolutely elated to be accepted to the JAG Corps,” said Printz. “It is such a competitive program to get into. I was accepted to both the Air Force and Army JAG Corps, so I have a tough decision to make as both are excellent branches. I am most looking forward to the hands-on experience I will get as a JAG Officer.”

Printz graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice from USD. Between his undergraduate and graduate school commitments, Printz worked for the University Police Department. He now works part-time for the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities.

Though Printz anticipates his next career move, the job is contingent on Printz passing the Bar Exam and completing basic officer training. Printz begins studying for the exam this semester when he takes the Bar prep class, then will continue in the summer. His projected officer training date is set for January 2020. Even though the timeline is lengthy, Printz is excited for what the JAG Corps will offer.

“New JAGs are placed in the courtroom almost immediately after training handling cases,” Printz said. “I am looking forward to the different areas of law I will be exposed to that I would not get in the civilian world, such as international law, operations law (Law of War) and Air and Space Law.”

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