The U.S. Patent Trademark Office receives over 600,000 patent applications each year, and a granted patent represents a truly novel, one-of-a-kind, innovative idea.

“The recognition event affirms the value of the work that goes into being an inventor on a granted patent,” said Beth Lambeth, the technology transfer officer for ORSP. “Each granted patent represents years of hard work not only in research and development, but also in hours and hours of putting together documents and responses for patent law firms and the U.S. Patent Trademark Office.”

USD’s patent strategy is to protect intellectual property that may someday be commercialized, and its goal is to increase industry awareness of USD research.

“Many inventors are very actively working to translate these technologies from the lab to the marketplace,” Lambeth said. “In addition to teaching, research, writing manuscripts, managing research centers, labs and teams of people, USD inventors are also involved in growing industry engagement.”

Seven inventors were recognized, including:

  1. Haoran Sun, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry
    1. Fluorinated Aromatic Materials and Their Use in Optoelectronics - Granted in May 2015
    2. Electron-Deficient Fluorous Porphyrin and Methods of Making and Their Use in Organic Solar Cells - Granted in December 2016
  2. Zhenqiang (Rick) Wang, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry
    1. Modular Assembly of Metal-Organic Super-Containers Incorporating Calixarenes - Granted in January 2018
  3. Daisy Deng, Ph.D., associate professor of biomedical engineering
    1. Biopolymer Drug Loading Method - Granted in August 2017
  4. Sujan Lamichhane – former USD student
    1. Formulations for Tailored Drug Release - Granted in June 2018
  5. Victor Huber, Ph.D., associate professor of basic biomedical sciences
    1. Compositions and Methods for Vaccination Against Influenza A Virus - Granted in May 2018
  6. Stanley May, Ph.D., professor of chemistry
    1. Systems and Methods for Printing Patters Using Near Infrared Upconverting Inks - Granted in July 2019
  7. Aravind Baride, Ph.D., research assistant professor of chemistry
    1. Reader Apparatus for Upconverting Nanoparticle Ink Printed Images - Granted in August 2019
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