Red Star visited USD as a guest artist and instructor during the Oscar Howe Summer Institute. As an artist and instructor, Red Star offered mentorship and guidance to high school students as they expanded their knowledge of Native American art.

Red Star grew up on the Crow Reservation in Montana, and much of her art features cultural items from her community. She often collaborates with Beatrice, and spoke of the intergenerational influences that are important to her work.

“I think we are all of the past and of all the collected experiences leading up to now,” Red Star said. “For me, it’s about looking back to where we came from and what’s going to happen now. Beatrice is a part of the next chapter and adventure.”

As she learns more about her community through research, Red Star hopes to help fill in the gaps and offer new perspectives of Native American history with her art.

“The Oscar Howe Summer Art Institute is a fantastic program hosted every year by the USD School of Fine Arts. A primary component is bringing in experts like Wendy Red Star to mentor students and expose them to new forms of art,” said Michael Ewald, host of Credit Hour. “We are thankful Wendy and her daughter Beatrice joined us to talk about her work and experience as an artist."

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