Ethan F. Villeneuve, a Ph.D. Student in the School Psychology Program, won the James D. Moran Memorial Award for his high-quality dissertation titled “Sex Differences of the Dynamic Relationships between Gc and Mathematics: A Multi-Group Bivariate Dual Change Score Analysis.”

“I am grateful to have received this distinction and award,” Villeneuve said. “It will allow me to conduct a higher quality dissertation as funds will be used to offset costs of specialized statistical software. With this specialized statistical software, I will be able to implement sophisticated statistical methodology to my longitudinal study on human cognitive abilities and math achievement.”

By using sophisticated statistical methodology, Villeneuve hopes his strengthened dissertation will have direct implications for practitioners for both diagnostic and remediation purposes.

The James D. Moran Memorial Award was established last year within the School of Education. Three awards are to be given out each year, with one $750 award being given in the Fall, and two $500 awards disbursed in the Spring.

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