“For me, I can only be negative for so long. At what point do we start offering solutions or seeing something from an alternative perspective,” said Destin, discussing graduating during the pandemic. “We have to make the best of the situation we’re in.”

Destin is a communications major, minoring in multicultural studies. He is the president of the Coyote Crazies, co-president of the Cultural Wellness Coalition, and he has served as a president of the Union of African American Students. Destin also hosts a podcast called “Films in Black and White,” available on most podcast listening applications.

Answering what piece of advice he would give a new student, Destin said simply, “Enjoy it.”

“Enjoy every step because once this is over, it’s over,” said Destin. “Ask yourself—what did you invest your time in. Who did you invest your time into. Just enjoy the overall experience.”

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