Designed in cooperation with the Verdis Group of Omaha, Nebraska, the program will install new recycling totes with greater volume, promote increased participation through education and renew the university’s partnership with the Missouri Valley Recycling Center. The program is set to begin Feb. 27.

“I am optimistic these efforts will pay dividends by reducing the university’s footprint and assisting many of the community recycling programs already established in Vermillion,” said Scott Pohlson, vice president of enrollment, marketing and university relations and chair of the sustainability committee.

The pilot program will also install new recycling totes in and around the new Sanford Coyotes Sports Center. If the program is successful, Pohlson indicated it could expand to other high-traffic areas on campus.

“We want the university to be a leader in sustainability. We know even small steps can make a dramatic impact on campus and in our community,” Pohlson said.

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