South Dakota One Health, a statewide consortium led by the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, was created in 2016 to encourage communications between medical providers, veterinarians and livestock producers regarding animal-borne illnesses that pose potential human health risks. Public education is also a critical aspect of the organization.

Funding for South Dakota One Health is aided by the Bush Foundation.

The following schedule will occur at the University of South Dakota Health Science Building at 1400 W. 22nd Street (Room 106) in Sioux Falls.

9:00 am - Welcome/Announcements -
Dr. Russ Daly, SDSU

9:05 am - Overview of Vaccine Preventable Diseases in South Dakota; Current Recommendations for Adults and Children
Dr. Fernando Bula-Rudas, Sanford Health; Dr. Jawad Nazir, Avera McKennan

10:15 am - Statewide Statistics on Vaccinations
Dr. Lon Kightlinger, SD DOH

11:00 am - Vaccine Preventable Diseases in our Food/Companion Animals
Dr. Monte Furhmann, Sioux Nation Ag; Dr. Dick Rogen, Horizon Pet Care

12:10 pm - Lunch

1:10 pm - Protecting Zoo Animals from Animal and Human Disease
Dr. Anne Burgdorf, Great Plains Zoo

1:45 pm - Recognizing and Treating Adverse Effects of Vaccines in People and Animals
Dr. Victor Huber, USD; Dr. Chris Chase, SDSU

3:00 pm - What's in animal vaccines? Accidental Injections and Needle Sticks: How harmful are they to people?
Dr. Chris Chase, SDSU

3:30 pm - What's the future for human and animal vaccines?
Dr. Victor Huber, USD; Dr. Diego Diel, SDSU

4:30 pm - Q&A with the speakers; comments from other participants

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