Karla Jaime, the president of LaSO, said the Day of the Dead is an event celebrated every Nov. 2nd in different parts of Latin America. .

“It differs from Halloween in the sense that on Halloween we wear masks and build jack-o’-lanterns to scare the spirit away, and on Day of the Dead, we welcome them in,” she said. “Different aspects of this holiday help those that are lost or can’t find their way in so we can communicate or perhaps see our loved ones who have passed once again.”

Many people bring the loved one’s favorite food to their burial places, as well as pictures of them. They also build altars to their loved ones to put these items on.

Jaime said the LaSO activities included food, drink, candy, and a slide show to educate others about the Day of the Dead. There was also a small altar, decorations, and Mary Golds.

“The yellow ones act as a bright guidance so the spirits can find their way into this world,” she said.

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