For those who may be place-bound, want to stay close to home or are pursuing career opportunities in Sioux Falls, USD – Sioux Falls offers a flexible and accredited education with degree offerings spanning health sciences, business, education and more. This includes programs in important disciplines needed for the state’s workforce such as undergraduate nursing, a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice and a Master of Social Work.

“USD – Sioux Falls provides students who may not have otherwise attended college at all with a local, affordable, public option,” said Jay Perry, Ph.D., vice president of USD – Sioux Falls. “We are also committed to offering educational opportunities that will help students advance in their careers.”

With flexible course schedules – day, night, online and hybrid – students can earn their degree on their own terms, fitting into their lifestyle. They also have access to the same resources available at USD’s main campus in Vermillion.

Ranked the top city in the country for young professionals, Sioux Falls offers convenient access to unique career and research opportunities.

Meet some of the faces who are taking advantage of the degree offerings at USD – Sioux Falls while living in the state’s largest city.

Sadi Peck

After 12 years in health care, Sadi Peck, a pre-nursing student at USD – Sioux Falls, is working toward earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to better prepare for a career as a flight nurse.

Sadi Peck headshot

After exploring her options in Sioux Falls, Peck – a mother of two – ultimately chose USD – Sioux Falls. “Choosing USD – Sioux Falls was the easy choice,” she said. “The class schedules aligned really well for what I was hoping for, and the faculty answered all my questions and explained what the journey to my degree would look like. They even explained what the future would look like after school.

“The price was very reasonable compared to others,” she continued. “Completing a four-year program and the possibilities a four-year degree provides is worth the extra work.”

While Peck has enjoyed the resources and career support at USD – Sioux Falls, she said, “What I love most is the small class sizes.

“The staff’s enthusiasm to help students succeed and having a mentor from day-one are also amazing.”

Anya Adamson

Originally from Ukraine and now living in Sioux Falls, Anya Adamson chose to attend USD – Sioux Falls because of the student-to-professor ratio.

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“The professors are all very helpful and always have time to answer any questions I have,” said Adamson, who recently graduated with a degree in psychology. “Classes are small, and you get one-on-one time with professors. It’s also a close drive from home.”

Adamson will attend South Dakota State University in the fall to earn a graduate degree in clinical mental health.

Shannon Carlson

With a goal of becoming a mental health therapist and advocate for mental health awareness and support, Shannon Carlson chose to pursue a double major in psychology and sociology with a minor in criminal justice at USD – Sioux Falls.

Shannon Carlson headshot

“I chose to go to USD – Sioux Falls because it’s close to home, a more affordable alternative than on campus and it allows me to keep a job outside of school,” said Carlson, who works at Hy-Vee and Landscape Garden Centers.

“I stayed with USD – Sioux Falls because the staff and students are some of the best people I have worked with,” Carlson continued. “The staff and faculty are patient and understand that we are not just students, but also adults with outside lives. And my fellow students are not afraid to share their life experiences and engage in class.”

A recent graduate, Carlson hopes to attend graduate school and earn a license for mental health therapy and counseling services.

Merari Rivera

Working in the dental field for a number of years, Merari Rivera wanted to further her education and chose to do so at USD – Sioux Falls.

“The challenges that I faced in college definitely will, and have , helped in any career I decide to pursue,” said Rivera.

Merari Rivera headshot

Originally from Sioux Falls, Merari selected USD – Sioux Falls to get her associate degree because of its location as well as the interpersonal atmosphere she experienced.

“I had the opportunity to do my work study at the front desk, and the staff and students were the sweetest. Every morning that I worked there, without fail, staff members and students would stop by the desk. They always made sure I felt comfortable.”

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