“I am honored to be selected for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Jackson said. “It is truly humbling to be selected as the first chief or sheriff from South Dakota to be afforded the opportunity to attend the FBI National Command Course.”

University of South Dakota Chief of Police Bryant Jackson.

Held in May, the NCC is a week-long training for law enforcement chiefs and sheriffs who come from agencies with fewer than 50 sworn officers. The curriculum includes presentations on emerging trends, enhancing partnerships, promoting wellness and seeking innovations.

“The NCC is designed as a primer on all of the timely and critical topics impacting law enforcement today,” Jackson said. “I look forward to the chance to connect and network with the other selected chiefs and sheriffs of the cohort. While the FBI has created an outstanding curriculum for the program, we learn just as much from our peers in the classroom.”

Jackson is also excited to put his gained knowledge from the NCC to work at USD.

“I look forward to bringing back what I learn at the NCC to the UPD and USD,” he added. “I believe in lifelong learning, and it is critical to strive to lead from the front. I hope I will be a better law enforcement leader after attending the NCC.”   

Approximately 87% of law enforcement agencies in the United States are staffed by fewer than 50 sworn officers, and about half of these small agencies employ 10 or fewer officers. The UPD currently has 13 sworn police officers and three dispatchers, supplemented by several student workers.

“As a police chief of a smaller law enforcement agency, I have the ability to establish professional relationships with each member of the UPD team,” Jackson said. “This allows me to support each employee and work to develop their strengths and interests.

“I appreciate the support shown to UPD by our students, staff, faculty and administration,” he continued. “The UPD team works diligently daily to create a safe and secure learning and working environment for all.”

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