The competition challenges students to consolidate and present their ideas and research discoveries to a non-specialist audience. “The 3MT competition helped me learn how to communicate my ideas effectively to a wide community and crystalize my thoughts about my thesis” said Chandra Karki, a chemistry student at USD. “Participating in the 3MT competition helped boost my confidence and helped me articulate my research project, simply, it enhanced my communication skills.”

The students gained valuable skills from participating in the 3MT completion and recommended the competition to their peers. “I would recommend others to participate in the 3MT competition because it is a good platform for them to improve their public speaking and presentation skills,” said Atia Amin, a biology student.

Chemistry student Kulatheepan Thanabalasingam won the competition with his presentation “Make Fuel when the Sun Shines.” He will present his three minute thesis on April 6 at the regional meeting for the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS). Atia Amin placed second and was awarded $250.  

The five students in the final rounds were Atia Amin, Megan Bruns, Chandra Karki, Shahzahan Mia and Kulatheepan Thanabalasingam.

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