Lindsey Jorgensen, Ph.D., associate professor in communication sciences and disorders, designed a study looking at the effects of hearing loss at different life stages and needed patients to test their hearing. Riedmann came to Jorgensen and learned the damage to his hearing was too great to participate in the study. But that didn’t stop Jorgensen from wanting to help Riedmann. A couple of months later, she reached out.

“I said to him, ‘let’s talk about some hearing aids outside of this research study because it’s clear you need some.’ I definitely thought of CodyLee and thought he would be someone really good to help me teach the concepts of hearing aids.”

Since then, Jorgensen said she watched Riedmann blossom as a person in the community and as a student at the university.

Riedmann quit his job and made the decision to go to law school at USD because being able to hear gave him the confidence he needed to succeed.

“I am extremely grateful towards Lindsey and the whole department,” Riedmann said.

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