The 20 high school students selected for the program participate in artistic workshops and intensive studio sessions guided by instructors as they learn about contemporary Native American fine arts.

“Our goal by the end of the two-week session is that students produce many beautiful and expressive works,” said Cory Knedler, chair of the art department. “The students are highly productive.”

The camp honors past University of South Dakota professor and American Indian Northern Plains artist Oscar Howe. Howe started the early version of OSHAI during his 25-year career as a USD faculty member in the 1960’s to teach interested students about Native American art.

The current OHSAI began in 1991 and continues Howe’s goal of teaching the next generation of artists. Howe is considered one of the leading American Indian artists of his generation and continues to serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists today.

The final exhibition reception and student honoring ceremony is Friday, June 23, in the John A. Day Gallery in the Warren M. Lee Center for Fine Arts from 12-1 p.m.

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