“1BlueString is a music festival that spreads awareness that sexual assault does not have a gender – it is about power and control,” said Bridget Diamond-Welch, I CARE director and assistant professor of criminal justice.

The festival features several local artists, including Humbletown, Would You Kindly?, Her Grace, Spleen Diva, Beard, The Bluff Ridge Band, High Howlers and Marcus Destin. Guitarists were asked to replace one of their six strings with a blue string.

“Playing on these strings, guitarists send the message that something beautiful can come out of trauma with community support. Regardless of gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion or ability – we are all Yotes. We all deserve love, support and safety,” Diamond-Welch said.

The festival is open to the public and kid-friendly.

1BlueString is sponsored by I CARE, University Housing, the Department of Political Science, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and the College of Arts & Sciences.

For more information, contact Bridget Diamond-Welch at bridget.k.diamond-welch@usd.edu.

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