Collaborating with the Center for Security Printing and Anti-Counterfeiting Technology (SPACT), which is a South Dakota Governor’s Research Center, and scientists and engineers from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, May and Baride helped develop ‘SecureMarking,’ a system that uses nanotechnology to covertly identify products for authentication and tracking through supply chains. This system can be used to secure a wide range of high-value products, such as pharmaceuticals and aviation electronics.

Since 2009, SPACT has received more than $1 million in research funding to develop the system. With the Giant Vision award, the company formed to bring the technology to market, NP Systems Integration, can fully develop its capabilities.

“In addition to the research dollars and potential for commercial success, SPACT provides an exciting research environment for undergraduate and graduate students working in our labs,” said May, associate director of SPACT. “The success of SPACT will always depend on the progress in our research labs, and we have experienced a very real synergy between our basic research efforts and our commercialization activities.”

May and team worked with Daniel Stanton, a Mines Entrepreneur in Residence, on the project and credited team members for the success.

“It is a great affirmation of the value of our work. Our team has put tremendous effort into this project for a number of years now,” said May. “It feels pretty good to get some recognition.”

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