“My membership in SDEA/NEA has significantly enhanced my pre-professional undergraduate experience in a variety of ways,” said Wright. “Throughout the past three years, I have experienced incredible networking opportunities as I’ve connected with other passionate aspiring educators across the country. In the process, I have made life-long friends and colleagues—all of which has allowed me to prepare for my future career, and in return offer my best self to my students, community, state and profession.”

Created in memorial to Jack Kinnaman, vice president and former advisory council member of NEA-Retired, the $2,500 scholarship honors a student with financial need and a strong commitment to public education.

Wright, who would like to work in education as a teacher or in public policy, believes education can greatly enhance a person’s life.

“Ultimately, I hope to inspire many hearts, motivate younger generations to reach for their dreams and lead students to find their passion in life so they too can live a successful, happy, and full one,” said Wright. “Through education we can accomplish this common vision together."

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