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Research & Faculty

Innovation and discovery happen here. USD provides students and faculty with the resources, facilities and support they need to be thought-leaders in research and creative scholarship.

Turning Ideas into Impact

USD is a vibrant research institution where thought-leaders ask questions and find high-impact solutions. With expert faculty, robust facilities and centers committed to strong research activity, USD generates knowledge that has real-world impact on our global and local communities. 

By getting involved in our research community, you'll not only be able to pursue your interests – you'll also gain unique, hands-on experience that enriches your understanding of our world.

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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) empowers discovery and innovation at USD. We support faculty, researchers and students through:
  • Funding & Approval Guidance: Assisting researchers in securing grants and navigating research protocols.
  • Student Research Opportunities: Fostering student participation in meaningful research experiences.
  • Research Policy & Administration: Ensuring ethical research conduct and streamlined program management.


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Leaders in Research

Through strong partnerships and support of bright minds, USD's research centers foster academic excellence and spur economic growth. 

Student Research

At USD, we don't just encourage student research – we invest in it. Undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines have opportunities to receive funding for their projects, conduct research alongside our expert faculty and pursue the questions that spark their curiosity.
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Make a Difference

Our passion for learning drives us to ask important questions and find transformative solutions.


As a part of our research community, you'll engage in research and creative scholarship that has real-world impact. From exploring global issues to serving our home state of South Dakota, you have an opportunity to make a difference here.


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The Thought-Leaders Behind Our Research

USD is home to internationally recognized scholars whose research and creative scholarship have real-world impact.


By supporting our faculty's research endeavors and connecting students with opportunities to learn from the experts, we cultivate a community of leaders and learners who never stop asking questions that matter.


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Departments & Facilities

Explore the departments and offices leading research activity at USD.
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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs supports and expands competitive research and creative scholarship at USD. The office oversees USD's research function, assisting faculty and researchers, generating student opportunities, and establishing and administering policies governing the conduct of research and overseeing the management of research programs.