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Welcome to USD's Academic & Career Planning Center

Struggling to pick a major? Searching for an internship? Want to connect with employers? The ACPC has all the necessary resources to guide and assist you in these life-changing moments.

Adjusting to college life can be difficult, and we want to make the transition to college as simple and as fun as possible. College is a time to explore your interests and find where your passions lie. Through programs, seminars and various services, the planning center allows students to focus their energy on the exciting aspects of building their future while the professionals at the planning center aid the complex process.

Take advantage of the resources that can help you be a successful student and employee.


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Set yourself up for success.

Lessen your load by allowing ACPC professionals to assist you through your college education and beyond. ACPC can help you with many things during your enrollment at USD, such as:


  • Succeeding academically and socially in your first year
  • Academic scheduling and major exploration, declaration or change


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Testing Center

 The Testing Center at the University of South Dakota promotes student success and academic integrity with the operation of a secure, testing facility which provides services to on-campus, distance students and our surrounding communities.

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Meet the Professionals

Get to know the faculty and staff in the Academic and Career Planning Center. Our staff are experts in their field, helping students excel in and out of the classroom and preparing them for their future career.
Bio Image for Faculty Member Julianna Benge

Julianna Benge

Native American Advisor, Retention Specialist
Bio Image for Faculty Member Wayne Berninger

Wayne Berninger

Academic Advisor
Bio Image for Faculty Member McHale Davis

McHale Davis

Academic Advisor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Terrance Davis

Terrance Davis

Academic Advisor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Holly Haddad

Holly Haddad

Academic Advisor/Instructor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson

Asst Dir-Acad Career & Plan
Bio Image for Faculty Member Jake Kidney

Jake Kidney

Academic Advisor
Faculty Default

Jessie Anderson-Kidney

Senior Secretary
Bio Image for Faculty Member Miranda Liebsack

Miranda Liebsack

Academic Advisor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Sara Mart

Sara Mart

Assist Director-ACPC
Bio Image for Faculty Member Claire Rizzio

Claire Rizzio

Dual Credit Advisor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Stephen Ward

Stephen Ward

Dir-Acad & Career Plan Center
Bio Image for Faculty Member Sarah Wittmuss

Sarah Wittmuss

SI Tutor Coordinator, Advisor

Student Resources & Opportunities

Explore the variety of resources and opportunities available to you through the Academic & Career Planning Center.
If you are undecided about your major, you are not alone. About a third of students begin college without having chosen a major, and of those who do begin college with a declared major, 60-70 percent change it at least once before they graduate. You are encouraged to spend your first few terms, especially if you are a freshman, learning more about yourself and exploring different academic options. One way to do this is by taking a variety of courses that seem interesting to you.
Selecting a major is a process which begins with self-assessment, proceeds with exploration of various majors and careers and concludes with declaring a major that you find to be a good fit. The Academic and Career Planning Center offers a variety of assessments and resources designed to assist students with the exploration process.

Explore Majors

Start your job or internship search with the university's very own career services network. In addition to full-time jobs and internships, students can also search for part-time or work-study positions offered on-campus or around the Vermillion area. 
Upload your resume, apply for jobs, sign up for on-campus interviews and access thousands of company contacts across the country. This is a free service provided to all students and alumni from all academic majors of the university.

Coyote Careers

Experience is key in reaching your professional and personal goals. Our office is available to help students and alumni find full, part-time and summer jobs and internships. We also highly encourage you to meet with a career advisor from our office to help you develop your strategy and gain a competitive edge. We advertise a variety of jobs, both on- and off-campus, including work-study and graduate assistant positions.

Coyote Careers for Students

Coyote Careers for Alumni

Departments & Facilities

Explore the departments, facilities and centers that contribute to your personal and professional development.
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Academic Commons

Access the resources and assistance you need all in one convenient, centralized location. The Academic Commons is your one-stop shop for academic, technical and research support.

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Gallagher International Center

The Gallagher International Center oversees the university's international affairs, including programs and resources such as study abroad, international admissions and international student services.

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Testing Center

 The Testing Center at the University of South Dakota promotes student success and academic integrity with the operation of a secure, testing facility which provides services to on-campus, distance students and our surrounding communities.

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Start your journey off strong at USD.

Higher-education can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. To help with the transition, First-Year Experience (FYE) is a program that offers a one-credit class to help you successfully navigate through your first semester. By enrolling in USD 101 or an FYE seminar, you'll be part of exciting classes, personal support networks, and will make connections to faculty, staff and other students. These opportunities help you succeed academically and socially during your first year of college.

First-Year Experience

Academic & Career Planning Center Resources

Parents can be important partners in their child's success. However, it is important for parents to support our philosophy of encouraging students to be self-advocating, active learners. At times, this means fighting the urge to resolve the problem for the student. Rather, parents should view themselves as "coaches" as they guide their students in making good choices.

We offer resources to assist you when working with students. Our advisors are available via appointments and select walk-in hours to assist students with academic and career related issues. We hope you will encourage students to attend the various career-related events and workshops that we offer each semester. 

Don’t cancel class--let us help. Our staff is available to cover the class for you with a presentation on topics such as an overview of our services, networking, job/internship search strategies, resume/cover letter writing, interviewing, applying to professional/graduate school, learning styles/study strategies, or another program tailored to your needs. Whether you would like us to fill five minutes or 75 minutes, we can help. Please note that we do require at least 24 hours notice to prepare a presentation.

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How Can I Help USD?

Alumni are encouraged to sign up to mentor a USD student and share your experiences and advice on the job search process. The relationship will consist of emails, phone calls, or one-on-one visits to discuss anything from resumes to relocation. 

Post a Job or Internship

Thank you for your interest in the extraordinary talent at USD. The USD Academic and Career Planning Center offers a wide variety of employer services designed to put you in contact with a diverse population of enthusiastic, well-qualified candidates who are ready to contribute to the success of your organization. Our services are designed to help you connect with thousands of students and alumni available for full-time and part-time employment and internship opportunities.

Employers are invited to link to our Coyote Careers eRecruiting system. If you already have an account, log in with your username and password. If this is your first time using Coyote Careers, click the link at the bottom of the page “Click Here To Register” then follow the instructions for posting a position.

The system is easy to use and is a great way to advertise your company, review students’ resumes and profiles, post your positions, and schedule on-campus interviews. Feel free to contact us at 605-658-3600 if you have any questions.

Hold On-Campus Interviews

You can arrange to hold your interviews for full-time, part-time, or internship positions right on campus. Contact us at 605-658-3600 to schedule your interviews.

How Can USD Help Me?

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